SHADD manufactures exquisite world-class pianos: grands • uprights • art case. SHADD's are built with the highest grade of materials that assist in accomplishing its pinnacle sound. Whether you are a professional artist, student, piano enthusiast, or music lover, a SHADD piano investment will prove as an invaluable masterpiece.

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"Warren, the SHADD piano looks extremely exciting. Congratulations! I love the location of the alphanumeric keyboard with the hidden Sliding Grid and the Touchscreen on the music desk. The scanner is another wonderful idea as are the various ways to turn a page. As a diversified musician and technology enthusiast, I can appreciate the advent of fusing the acoustic piano with electronic keyboards, synthesizers, sequencers, computers, and their accessories as well as incorporating Internet access. The SHADD piano allows me to perform the gamut of genres in their original form, from Maiden Voyage to Rockit and beyond."

Herbie Hancock

Winner of Grammy's Album of the Year 2007 Multi Award Winning Recording Artist, Performer, Pianist, Keyboardist, Composer, Educator

"Finally, a piano is brought into the 21st Century! With the numerous and diverse acts I work with, I can use the SHADD piano in everything from traditional jazz settings to cutting edge techno. As I must adapt to many different playing and compositional styles, I need an instrument that can cover a lot of ground. The SHADD piano affords me the opportunity to play a real acoustic piano as well as utilizing up-to-date computer technology and sounds at my fingertips. Once musicians get to experience the versatility of the SHADD piano, I believe it will become industry standard -- whether on tour, in the studio, or at home."

Michael Bearden

Keyboardist, Music Director, Composer

Lady Gaga, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Sting, Christina Aguilegra, John Mayer, Jennifer Lopez, Liza Minnelli, Paul Simon, Fantasia, Kennedy Center Awards, Usher, etc.

"What a wonderful concept. Here is an instrument with the best of both worlds. Finally there is a piano that is true to the acoustic genre, yet adds the excitement and creativity of the computer age. How many times have I had to play a piano in a church environment, or auditorium and could not hear myself play because it was not in the monitor? How many times have I played on a piano that was not miked properly and wore my fingers almost to the nub, trying to keep up with the amplified accompanying instruments? Now with the new SHADD piano, Halelujah, those negative scenarios are in the past! Also for the church musician, one does not have to worry about lugging around pages of sheet music, deal with someone turning the pages, or even worse, the pages blowing off the music stand to the ground while playing. Congratulations Warren on a job well done. I can't wait to experience your new piano first hand."

Richard Smallwood

Celebrated Gospel Recording Artist

"Being the leader of an arts school here at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington DC, I have never witnessed the kind of transformational quality that an instrument could bring to a school like the SHADD piano has! It's been amazing!

Students and staff alike flock to the piano, mesmerized by its ingenious technology of interactive capabilities and synthesizer sounds, so much so, that other pianos in the area now lie dormant. But not only that, the SHADD has become a talking point for many of our visitors, enamored by this both historic and progressive piano in our school lobby. Every artist and school should be so lucky to have at least one!"

Rory Pullens

Head of School/CEO - Duke Ellington School of the Arts