Onboard Synthesizer

SHADD pianos will come with an onboard synthesizer as a standard feature to play simultaneously with the acoustic piano or independently without the acoustic piano, as well as various combinations when activating the Octave Buffer. The synth will offer over 500 usable sounds/patches that are usually found in popular synthesizers such as drums, horns, guitars, basses, grand pianos, sound effects, and retro sounds such as Fender Rhodes, Clavinets, Wurlitzer pianos, and Moogs. All sounds/patches will be exclusively developed as software applications for SHADD. Users can create, enhance, and edit these preinstalled sounds as well as download new sounds into the module. Sounds can also be downloaded into the onboard synthesizer, and the computer. By being able to download new sounds in perpetuity, the SHADD piano will never become outdated or obsolete. Additional MIDI sound devices can be connected through the MIDI Control System. The onboard synthesizer also comes standard with multi effects, sampling capabilities, preinstalled loops, beats, and an extensive sample library.


The SHADD piano is equipped with an onboard sequencer to work with the onboard synthesizer. This user/friendly sequencer is designed as an option to the more complex sequencing software that can be downloaded in the computer such as Finale, Digital Performer, and Logic. Users can compose, arrange, record, quantize, edit, and make masters, then save internally, or onto CD, as well as email files. The also offers sequencer offers BPM Sync for audio phrase stretching, and music can be recorded in SMPTE or other sequencing "time codes." The technology of this onboard sequencer can also be upgradable.


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